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Welcome to the Emplo Business Challenge

Building on the success of the Hubro Championship, our Challenge is a global competition where your students will compete against students from high schools all over the world to become world champions in Hubro business simulations!

Why should your school participate?

Students play and have fun 😀, develop knowledge and skills and compete to reach the finals and win prizes. 🏆

Global opportunity

The top 3 teams in the National Championship qualify for the World Championship and the pursuit of the world champion title! 🌎


Access to subject and theme specific simulation templates

The templates are tailored to different competence goals and cover key themes in economics, marketing, and entrepreneurship, both in General Studies and Vocational Business Studies. 📈
The templates also include interdisciplinary themes such as communication, ethics, and sustainability.🌱

Themes covered

  • Marketing: 5-ps, segmentation, SWOT, Market Strategy, and much more
  • Accounting finance and budgeting, key figure analysis and much more
  • Entrepreneurship - Strategy, product development and Business Model Canvas
  • Ethical and sustainability dilemmas, macro events, case-studies and much more

Trusted by teachers in 100s of schools and used by over 50,000 students across the world.

Engage Tomorrow's Business Leaders

Plug and Play

  • Everything will be set up for you in your teacher account.
  • Choose the template you want to use
  • Instructions are included, just share a link with your students, and start when you are ready!

Qualification details

  • The competition will consist of 3 qualifying rounds March, April and May.  We'll be qualifying teams each month.
  • 10 teams qualify for the WC final in June 2024
  • The final will be an online event
  • To qualify you have to finish at least one round before May 31st 2024


  • Class participation fee of 499 EURO per class (up to 30 students) per round

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